TOP 6 Reasons for Drapery Panels

  1. The soft curves of drapery panels welcome you with Aloha - Relax, Get Comfortable and Enjoy!
  2. Wide selection of fabrics to meet specific budgets and decorative style.
  3. The textured and rippling fabric absorbs the sound waves that bounce of hard surfaces. Minimizes the echoes and sound vibrations to improve normal conversation levels.
  4. Control the mood or ambiance of the room. Blackout fabric allows complete privacy and perfect sleeping conditions. Sheer fabric adds elegance while minimizing glare to appreciate our surroundings.
  5. Complete privacy with NO peep holes on the sides or the middle of the window treatment.
  6. The soft, flexible characteristics of fabric are the perfect window treatment solution for large sliding glass doors and jalousies.
Aloha Drapery
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