The Right Drapery Installation- Mistakes You Should Avoid

May 6, 2024

Drapery installation is not a challenging task, but many people do it wrong. Not because the right way is difficult but because they need to know what to avoid while installing draperies. The process of drapery installation does not just involve choosing a particular fabric and color; it consists of a lot more thought, and thus, you should be very careful when doing the same.
The proper drapery installation can change the look of your home instantly. If you are looking at renovating your home or simply changing your draperies, this article will be beneficial. We will discuss the significant mistakes people commonly make while installing draperies.

Mistakes to Avoid During Drapery Installing

Right Measurement Drapery

Picking up any drapery from the supermarket does not always work. Bulk-manufactured draperies come in the same size and style, which may not be the most suitable choice for your window. Therefore, always measure your window size and only then go shopping. If you do not find the right size, it is advisable to go for custom-made draperies. Although they are a bit more expensive than store-bought ones, they are always worth the extra bucks.

Remember that measurements for window drapes and curtains may be different. Drapes involve a lot more fabric due to the pleats, but curtains are either lightly pleated or not pleated at all. A lot of debate goes around window drapes vs. curtains. So, make sure you understand the differences between the two when you take the measurements.

Fuller and denser drapes always look more elegant than skimpy ones. Therefore, go overboard with the fabric if you want a top-notch drape. A lot of people need to understand that and often end up decorating their homes with flat draperies. Always keep volume in mind when talking about drapery installation.

Drapery Rods

Rods play an essential role in drapery installation. The right drapery hardware can make all the difference. Always use high-quality rods, for they are sturdy and last long. Drapes are heavier than curtains due to all the volume. Therefore, ditch cheap rods and go for weight-bearing elegant rods. Make sure the rods are at the right height and symmetrical in terms of positioning. Do not place rods at different heights in the same room. It compromises the aesthetic unity of the room.

The Right Drapery Color

The right color and pattern is the key to perfection. Make sure the colors you choose compliment the interior of the room. Even if you go for boho patterns, always be careful of the color palette you are following. You can take inspiration from magazines or look for the trendiest drapery design online.

Pinch-pleat drapes

Pleats are an essential part of drapery installation. The correct pleats add the perfect volume to your drapes. Pinch-pleat drapes are the most commonly used style of pleat. They go well with almost all kinds of interiors and fabric. It is your safest option if you are looking for a fuss-free drapery installation; pinch pleat is your best friend.

Drapery installation is a simple task, but it can be tricky. Drapes are often heavy, and you may not want to handle them all by yourself, especially if it is at a higher height. Consider professional drapery installation in that case. Professionals can help you in every step of drapery installation. From choosing the hardware to measurements and installation, they will help you throughout. Do not shy away from taking professional help. Sometimes, it is best to leave the work to experts. They ensure the hardware fitting is suitable and your drapes are correctly installed.

Final Words 

It is time to give more importance to small elements like drapery installation when building or renovating your home. Refrain from making the common mistakes most people make while picking and installing draperies. Keep the pointers mentioned above in mind.

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